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  • 21st Birthday

    William J Braasch – Chicago, IL

    On September 22, 1986, our twin girls…Ann & Amy were born at Northwestern Memorial Hospital. My wife, Sue, and I went to the hospital in an ambulance because Sue was afraid they were going to be born in our home. The babies were born that morning and by early evening all were doing well and needed rest. An old buddy of mine, Jim Cowhey, picked me up at the hospital to give me a ride home. We stopped at Twin Anchors to celebrate the event. Fast forward 21 years and I read the Trib Magazine article by Rick Kogan and memories came floating back. We celebrated Ann & Amy’s birthday on Sat., Sept. 22, 2007, at Twin Anchors. We had a great time. The food and drinks were terrific. We took pictures inside and outside. Mary Kay even came over and said “hello” and posed for a picture with the girls. Someone even pointed out the coincidence between twin girls and Twin Anchors! Best wishes for another successful 75 years.

  • “Twin A’s”

    Leigh Bottiger – Chicago, IL

    Twin Anchors, or “Twin A’s” as my friends and I fondly refer to the local establishment, has been an important part of my Chicago experience and a tradition for many occasions. This was one of the first restaurants I visited before moving to Chicago. In town for business, colleagues introduced me to my soon to be favorite bbq in the city. Coming from KC, land of bbq, I was excited to have my fix at Twin Anchors. My roommates were waitresses here, we celebrated many birthdays and pinter nites at the bar (living down the street). I had my first date with my fiance at Twin Anchors, June 2004. He is an avid triathalete and our tradition is to come to “Twin A’s” after all the races. Friends have come and gone in the city but Twin Anchors is one of the constants in my Chicago life. Ordering the fulled pork, fries, extra crispy always makes me feel at home. And oh yes, positively no dancing ;-)!! Happy 75th Anniversary!

  • Family History

    Mike – Chicago, IL

    I was born in 1955 and as a kid always liked ribs. I remember Twin Anchors because it was ALWAYS my late grandmother’s favorite rib place. I live in the suburbs now, but try to get to TA a couple times a year and smile through the entire meal because of the great food and memories!


  • from an old Sedgwick family…

    Jim Munroe – Chicago

    My parents grew up in the neighborhood and as such generations of our family’s have been going to Twin Anchors. My mother spoke of a time when my Dad and the other G.I.’s from the neighborhood painfully boycotted the place for two years after WWII though……because an order of ribs had been raised to over a dollar ! Love the place!

  • Date Night

    Kenneth Koch –

    My daughter (Ashley) and I used to enjoy a “date night”. During one of these we saw the movies “Return to Me”. It was a favorite. On her 16th birthday I decided to surprise her so we drove 6 hours to visit the restaurant and give her a memorable birthday night on the town. My wife, brother and his wife, and daughter were greeted with terrific kindness and the staff made it a special night that we will always remember. We sat in the booth that the two main characters of the movie met at and my daughter was as surprised as she could be. I look forward to coming again and making it a regular visit each time I get the chance (but six hours to drive to dinner is a bit tough right now…haha). Thank you for being there and keeping the nostalgia as a reason that you’re my favorite place.